Do you feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied with life, and think there has to be something better out there for you?

Are you suffering from a trauma that you’re ready to leave in the past?

Are you experiencing chronic stress, pain, or illness that doesn’t respond well to conventional treatment?

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Blissful Healing Arts Can Help

In modern Western culture, we are bombarded with the idea that everything has to be better, faster, and more advanced. We are forced to keep up with technological advances so frequent that as soon as we fully learn one, it is made virtually obsolete by the next.  We are constantly exposed to violence in the news, media, and in our lives. We feel compelled to improve our performance in work and at home, always stressed that we’re not doing enough. We say to ourselves, “If I just try a little harder, if I only had more hours in the day, if I made a little more money, if I were younger/smarter/prettier/stronger, if, if, if… then life would be better.”

In such a frantic world, we rarely take for ourselves the time that we need to find balance. We don’t allow ourselves the necessary space to heal from the wounds we receive on a spiritual and emotional level. These wounds often go unnoticed in the face of our busy schedules and physical ailments. Unfortunately, they take a toll at a deep level, affecting our satisfaction with life, our ability to have meaningful relationships, and our sense of self-worth. It becomes difficult to develop passion, and life becomes stagnant drudgery instead of an exciting experience filled with exploration and growth. Over time, these wounds may manifest as chronic psychological and physical ailments that don’t respond well to conventional treatments. These are the diseases and pains that baffle medical doctors and defy diagnosis, or they may respond temporarily to conventional treatments but always return.

Acupuncture, Sound Therapy, and Spirit Healing

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Through a variety of modalities including acupuncture, spirit healing, and sound therapy, I work with you to heal the spiritual and physical wounds that are preventing you from living your life to its full potential. Together, we will uncover the roots of your wounds so that you can be healed from the inside out.

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